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Which Beer Styles Are Most Popular Worldwide?

Have you ever questioned the rationale for the ubiquity of beer? There are several reasons why beer is so well-liked. First, beer has a comparatively low alcohol concentration compared to other alcoholic beverages, so you may indulge without experiencing any adverse side effects. Additionally, you will be astounded by the wide selection of tastes and choices offered. Are you curious about the most widely consumed brews worldwide? Okay, then read the blog post through to the conclusion.

5 Beer Styles That Are Most Sought-After Worldwide

There are more than 100 varieties of beer, ranging from rich stouts to pale blond ales. However, a few of the more well-known ones are included here.

American lager

American lagers are bottom-fermented with lager yeasts and are distinguished by their light bodies, subtle hop flavours, and low levels of alcohol. They typically seem filtered and lightly golden, with plenty of bubbles. All lagers are unique, but many include a hint of hops and malt and some fruity and gritty notes that make them incredibly drinkable. Miller High Life, Budweiser, Grain Belt Premium Lager, and Coors Original are a few of the most famous American lagers.

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India Pale Ale

The beer style known as India Pale Ale (IPA) may be strong and bitter and emphasizes the flavour of the hops. The significant part about IPAs is that each person may enjoy a distinct flavour profile. The most popular IPA varieties are Belgian, English, Double, West Coast, and so on.


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A stout is a top-fermented, dark, flavorful ale brewed with black patent malt. Stouts are categorized into two primary groups: sweet stouts and dry stouts, and their alcohol content ranges from 4% to 14%. They give off scents of caramel, chocolate, dried fruits, coffee, and dried fruits. We heartily encourage you to try this beer as Calgary’s top beer delivery company.


Pilsner is a light beer with a noticeable hop flavor that was first produced in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It has a straw colored body and a thick white head. Pilsner is famous for its floral hop aroma and tart taste. Live Oak Pilz, Heater Allen Pils, Jever Pilsener and Firestone Walker Pivo Pils are some of the most famous pilsners.

Wheat Beer

Top-fermented wheat beer is a pale-coloured ale. The beers often have a citrus flavour, slight bitterness, and a low to medium alcohol level. While wheat beers are manufactured from wheat, most craft beers are made predominantly with malted barley.

There are plenty of other varieties of beer besides these that you may try. Hefeweizen, Amber Ales, English Pale Ale, Porter, and Sour Beer are just a few of them. So if you’re seeking a shop that provides the most excellent alcohol delivery services, get in touch with us.
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